Princess Connect! Re: Dive Holiday Festivities Continue with Free Daily 10-Draws!

A new limited Holiday character, guaranteed 3★, and fan-favorite free daily 10-draws too?

Princess Connect holiday!


Heyas, Knights! It’s getting so cold, isn’t it? Hopefully, every Knight is staying warm every night, feeling the holiday vibes, and enjoying the special in-game story event! The holiday festivities just keep continuing, including the brand-new guaranteed 3★ Premium Gacha, so let’s dive into the deets! 


Ayane (Holiday) is here, and ready to provide the season’s beatings! Pukichi is also dressed for the occasion, and together they’ll provide a punchy present across the battlefield. With skills that deal massive physical damage, mess with the opponent’s positioning, and buffs to her own attack skills, Ayane (Holiday) will show snow mercy as she gets ready to sleigh her foes.


Like the Chika (Holiday) Focus Gacha beforehand, Ayane (Holiday) is a limited character, which means that she won’t be added into the main Premium Gacha rotation after the Focus Gacha ends. That means you won’t want to miss this opportunity to obtain Ayane (Holiday). She’ll also be available for redemption via character points, in case your draws snowball into that avenue.


The Ayane (Holiday) Focus Gacha will run for 15 days, from 12/7, 23:00 UTC to 12/20, 22:59 UTC. Get ready to deck the halls (and some enemies). 



Here’s some other exciting news - the guaranteed 3★ Premium Gacha is here! This is a one-time opportunity to spend 1500 Premium Jewels to guarantee obtaining a 3★ character in this special 10-draw. The tenth character is guaranteed to be a 3★ character from the Premium Gacha including any of the limited characters included in the current period. These high-rarity characters can normally be a challenge to obtain, so here’s a fantastic chance to find a guaranteed high-class character! 


Be sure to log in once between 12/5, 23:00 UTC and 12/12, 22:59 UTC, and you’ll be able to draw this 3★ Premium Gacha once for 1500 Premium Jewels.



If that wasn’t enough, we’re also bringing back the Daily Free 10-Draw Campaign! This campaign only happens on the rarest of occasions, so what better time than now to bring it back and increase the holiday cheer?


During the campaign, you’ll be able to perform a Daily Free 10-Draw on the current Focus Gacha. That’s a 1,500 Jewel value for free, every single day - how crazy is that? This is the perfect opportunity to bolster your ranks, find some of the characters you’re missing, or grab some more Divine Amulets for converting into Memory Shards for your other characters.


The Daily Free 10-Draw Campaign lasts for 13 days, from 12/11, 13:00 UTC to 12/24, 12:59 UTC. That’s a mind-boggling 19,500 Jewel value - definitely don’t miss out on this holiday gift! And yes, you’ll be able to use these free 10-draws on the next Gacha after Ayane (Holiday)’s Focus Gacha ends on the 20th. 



I hope you’ve geared up your heroines - it’s time for another limited-time challenge, as the Tower of Luna opens its doors once again for challengers to climb! The supercharged Dungeon is back once again and it has prepared yet another new set of 20 floors complete with unique monsters, Shadows, and a new set of bosses to beat, with plentiful rewards for your troubles. Don’t worry, your progress from the last Tower of Luna event is carried over and you can continue the ascent from the floor you left off. Remember, your party of characters can carry over between floors (assuming none of them hit 0 HP), and you can reset your characters to full HP once a day. Can you make your way up to the 150th floor and complete the EX mission?


The Tower of Luna reopens its doors for five days, from 12/7, 13:00 UTC to 12/12, 15:59 UTC. If you haven’t done so already, you'll need to finish Main Story Quest 9-1 in order to access the Tower. We wish you luck, adventurers!



It’s time to gather your parties again, Knights - get ready for Clan Battle! Work with the aid of your fellow clan members to take on monsters too powerful for adventurers to handle alone. The December Clan Battle features a gauntlet of five bosses, and you’ll be able to do up to three clashes a day on whatever boss your clan’s currently on, earning a clash for every 300 stamina spent. After the event is over, you’ll earn precious Memory Shards, Clan Coins, and Jewels, depending on how well your clan did! The reward structure is the same as before, but you’ll earn Makoto Memory Shards this time around.


The December Clan Battle will run from 12/15, 13:00 UTC to 12/20, 7:59 UTC.



December brings about new main content drops as well! Continue blazing a trail through Phaethon Fields (South), featuring new enemies, new challenges, and new rewards for your troubles. Here, you'll find new equipment that can raise your characters to a maximum of 3 equips at rank 12, as well as new hard stage nodes for Misaki, Mahiru, and Djeeta. Brushing aside the wilderness on your way through Area 19 will also unlock up to Episode 4 of Chapter 10 of the Main Story. 


We'll also be increasing the level cap from 115 to 118. You’ll want to make sure you’re stocked up on Mana and EXP potions to help bring your heroines up to new heights! In addition, new BGM will be added to the Memorial Jukebox for further customization.


The November content drop lands on 12/6 at 13:00 UTC. 



We have previously had some blue, white, and brown furniture. Now we’re on to the real exciting stuff - introducing red and green furniture. Deck the halls in festive colors to celebrate the holidays! Spruce up the place with presents, sleighs, sofas, and more. The perfect gift for any heroine on your list. This set will only be here for a limited time, so make sure to wrap it up before it disappears!


This limited-time furniture set will be available starting from 12/7, 23:00 UTC, so get ready to set up your own cozy cabin. It will only be available until 1/6, 22:59 UTC, so make sure to join in the festivities before time runs out! The full list of holiday-themed furniture is as follows:


  • Festive Pop-up Book
  • Lima Santa Costume
  • Star-Topped Holiday Tree
  • Festive Fireplace
  • Festive Dinner Table 1
  • Festive Dinner Table 2
  • Holiday Tree Bookshelf
  • Magical Sleigh
  • Odd-Antler Reindeer Plushie
  • Green-Fur Reindeer Plushie
  • Reindeer Chair
  • Yule Log Stool
  • Festive Loveseat
  • Festive Armchair
  • Sled Bed
  • Festive Wall
  • Festive Rug Flooring



With all the gifts coming your way, you’ll be sure to want to have your heroines in top form. There’s no better time than during Normal Quest Double Drop Campaign to stock up on double equipment, Mana, and other items when completing Normal Quests during the campaign period. 


The Normal Quest Double Drop Campaign runs for five days, from 12/12, 13:00 UTC to 12/16, 12:59 UTC.


Double Drops then make their way into the Hard Quest stages. It’s time to drop right into the Hard Quest Double Drop Campaign, where you’ll be able to get twice the amount of Memory Shards, equipment, and Mana while completing Hard Quests. Twice the number of item drops without twice the difficulty. Truly a holiday miracle!


The Hard Quest Double Drop Campaign lasts for six days, from 12/16, 13:00 UTC to 12/21, 12:59 UTC.



For easy reading and accessibility, included below is a summarized version of all the updates announced today. Thank you for all your support, and we hope you continue to enjoy Princess Connect! Re: Dive! 


See you in Astraea, Knights!

— Crunchyroll Games

*Note: All event details may be subject to change. Please check the in-game notifications at the start of the events for the full details.


  • Ayane (Holiday) Focus Gacha (12/7 23:00 UTC to 12/20 22:59 UTC)
    • Boosted rate-up for Ayane (Holiday), also available for redemption via character exchange points.
    • Ayane (Holiday) is a limited unit and will only be available during the Focus Gacha period.
  • 3★ Guaranteed Premium Gacha (12/5 23:00 UTC to 12/12 22:59 UTC)
  • Focus Gacha Daily Free 10-Draw Campaign (12/11 13:00 UTC to 12/24 12:59 UTC)
  • Tower of Luna (12/7 13:00 UTC to 12/12 15:59 UTC)
    • Unlocked after completion of Main Story Quest 9-1.
    • Complete each floor for rewards.
    • Reset your teams back to full health daily.
    • Progress made during this month will carry over towards future Tower of Luna events.
    • Floors 131-150 and EX Floor 150 Unlocked.
  • December Clan Battle (12/15 13:00 UTC to 12/20 07:59 UTC)
  • December Content Update (12/6 13:00 UTC)
    • Main Quest Area 19 unlocked.
    • Level cap increased from 115 to 118.
    • Character equipment cap increased from 11-5 to 12-3
    • Chapter 10 of the Main Story unlocked, up to Episode 4.
    • New BGM added to the Memorial Jukebox.
  • Guildhouse Updates 
    • New limited-time furniture added to the Guildhouse Shop (12/7 23:00 UTC to 1/6  22:59 UTC)
  • Normal Quest Double Drop Campaign (12/12 13:00 UTC to 12/16 12:59 UTC)
  • Hard Quest Double Drop Campaign (12/16 13:00 UTC to 12/21 12:59 UTC)


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