EXCLUSIVE: Final Berserk Volume Arrives from Dark Horse in November

Volume 41 marks the final volume of the Berserk series



Dark Horse confirmed with Crunchyroll News today that Berserk Volume 41 — the final release in the series by Kentaro Miura — is scheduled to release this November, with comic store availability on November 9 and bookstore availability on November 22. The release will be in trade paperback for the first time, including a two-sided color poster insert, and will retail for $14.99.


Volume 41 English Cover



Mike Richardson, President and founder of Dark Horse Comics, said in a statement, “It is with great pride that Dark Horse will release Miura-sensei’s last installment of his masterpiece, Berserk. His creativity and incredible storytelling are unmatched. And to be able to release his final work to his fans is an honor that cannot be understated.”


Along with other publishers around the globe, Dark Horse announced Berserk Volume 41's initial release in major newspaper inserts last December. Dark Horse describes the final volume as such:


Though released from the prison of her mind, Casca cannot escape reminders of the terrors she has experienced. And nothing triggers these harrowing memories more than Guts the Black Swordsman, who faced those same horrors in his relentless quest to see Casca healed. But could the reappearance of a strange, mute boy be the key to bringing peace to Casca’s troubled soul?


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