Street Fighter: Duel Enters the Ring from Capcom, Crunchyroll Games

Pre-registration is now live for iOS and Android devices

Street Fighter: Duel


It's time to step into the Street Fighter ring in a whole new way, because Capcom and Crunchyroll Games are here to introduce the Street Fighter: Duel mobile game to the world. The first ever RPG in the series is officially on the way to iOS and Android devices, and pre-registration is now live via the Apple Store and Google Play in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and select European countries, including the United Kingdom.


More free in-game currency will be added for players for each pre-registered world warrior, and everyone will be able to reap the rewards when the full game launches this February. You can learn more on the official website, and check out the announcement trailer below.



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Description and features:


Are you ready to duel it out in the world of Street Fighter? Be prepared to travel the globe to recruit and level up iconic characters from across the Street Fighter series. With a team of champions, players will throw down in beautifully animated 2D brawls on all-new and iconic stages from Street Fighter’s past to take down Seth and the Shadaloo’s army of mech clones in an extensive story mode.


Street Fighter: Duel is a new take on the famed franchise with features and gameplay mechanics for new, returning and long-time fans:


  • Collect more than 40 fan-favorite characters, including Ryu, Akuma, Chun-Li, Cammy and more.
  • Build a team of three fighters from across the Street Fighter franchise and level them up to unleash devastating combos and signature abilities.
  • Create your own experience! Strategize with real-time RPG combat or turn on auto-battle to lightning kick your way through encounters with the Shadaloo.
  • It’s not Street Fighter without head-to-head action. Jump on online and use your team of champions to duel it out with other players.
  • Unlock character skins exclusive to Street Fighter: Duel, putting a fresh spin on beloved Street Fighter characters with new skins dropping all the time.


Pre-register for Street Fighter: Duel today and get ready to join the fight!


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