Gintama, Kuroko’s Basketball Team Up for Six Pointer of an Anime Collaboration

The two series switch uniforms for Namjatown collab

Kuroko's Basketball x Gintama in NAMJATOWN


Have you ever wondered what Gintoki would like in Kuroko’s Seirin basketball uniform? Me too! Our lifelong collaboration dreams have come true with Gintama and Kuroko's Basketball teaming up to take on Namjatown in the heart of Ikebukuro’s Sunshine Town shopping complex. 


The main visual of the event shows most of the characters swapping uniforms with highlights including Kuroko wearing Gintoki’s yukata, Kagura wearing Riko’s uniform and Hijikata just doing Hijikata things.


Kuroko's Basketball x Gintama in NAMJATOWN


Alongside the visual and merch based on the visual being available at Namjatown, the amusement area will also have a photo spot where you can be in this weird world that contains both Gintama and Kuroko's Basketball.


Kuroko's Basketball x Gintama in NAMJATOWN


A collaboration menu will also be available at the Namja Gyoza Stadium and Fukubukuro Dessert with an Elizabeth basketball drink, basketball ramen, Okita bazooka chicken wrap and many more random pieces of food that only make sense when combining these two franchises.


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The Kuroko's Basketball x Gintama in NAMJATOWN collaboration starts on February 17 and will be running in the Ikebukuro amusement area until April 2.


Source: Gintama on Twitter


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