Anri Hiiragi
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Anri Hiiragi

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Anri is Haruhi's close friend and also her a fellow mage in training. She tends to have a very strong-willed type of personality which she uses to try to get the things she wants. It can also make her reckless when it comes to her using magic, due to her being overconfident and underskilled compared to Haruhi.

She is left handed according to the seventh anime episode. Her magic wand is named Paella (パエリア, Paeria?) and was formed from her favorite feathered pen. She applied for a part-time job as a waitress in the Oasis cafeteria to save some money for her to be able to go abroad and study at a Magic Institution. Eventually, she begins working for Otoha Kohinata in the school's cafeteria.

Source: Wikipedia
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