Kirby: Right Back At Ya!
Nomes Alternativos:

Hoshi no Kirby

Kirby of the Stars

País de Origem: Japan
Ano de Produção: 1969
Data de Estréia: 31 de Dez de 1969 to 31 de Dez de 1969
Episodes: 100
Elenco Principal: (alfabético)
By Makiko Oomoto
Tipo: Série
Páginas Visualizadas: 21610
Fãs: 10
Publicações no Fórum: 0
Publicações no Mural: 6
Fotos Enviadas: 3

Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

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Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, known in Japan as Kirby of the Stars (星のカービィ, Hoshi no Kābī?), is an anime series based on Nintendo's Kirby franchise. The series was produced by Warpstar Inc., a company formed between a joint investment between Nintendo and HAL Laboratory, Inc.

In Japan, the series has aired on Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. since October 6, 2001. It is currently licensed in North America by 4Kids Entertainment under the title Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and was seen on 4Kids TV (formerly known as FoxBox). The North American Version of the Anime was distributed by 20th Century Fox, Nelvana Enterprises, and HAL Laboratory, Inc. It ended in Japan in 2003 with 100 episodes, and the series finished airing in 2006 in the US.

The series began rebroadcasting in Japan as of June 28, 2007 on the Tokyo Metropolitan Television station.

As of June 21, 2008, Kirby began rebroadcasting in the US, Saturday mornings at 11am EST on 4Kids TV. The series can also be seen on 4Kids' Video On Demand service and on www.4Kids.TV.

The show is about the adventures Kirby has with his friends after he crash lands on the planet Pop Star, in the country of Dream Land. Kirby is actually a legendary Star Warrior destined to save the planet from destruction by the evil Nightmare. The greedy ruler of Dream Land, King Dedede, orders up fearsome monsters from Nightmare's company, Nightmare Enterprises. He uses them to attack Kirby and the people of Dream Land, but Kirby uses his signature abilities to inhale and copy an enemy's power to save the day.

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Kirby (principal)Makiko Oomoto
Rika Komatsu
Banjou Ginga
Dedede DaiouKenichi Ogata
Naoki Tatsuta
Sayuri Yoshida
King DededeKenichi Ogata
Meta KnightAtsushi Kisaichi
NightmareBanjou Ginga
RickMakiko Oomoto