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MUCC / MUKKU (ムック) is a Japanese rock (J-Rock) band formed in 1997. The band's name, decided upon by guitarist Miya, was originally the name of a character from a Japanese children's program Ponkickies.

The band is also known as 69 from a play on words, since six-nine can be pronounced "muku" (六九) in Japanese.

MUCC is formed by Tatsuro (Vocals), Miya (Guitar), YUKKE (Bass) and SATOchi (Drums).

Miya and Tatsuro decided to form a band with SATOchi in Ibaragi Prefecture in February 1997. The members now are completed after YUKKE joined the band in February of 1999. They released 20 single CDs and 16 album CDs (including mini albums and live albums) and 6 DVDs so far (over 600 shows since its birth).

MUCC started to play and released their music outside of Japan in 2005. The band had a live performance at Nippon Budokan for their first time in 2006. In 2007, which was the 10th year anniversary for the band, MUCC had a WORLD TOUR (10 countries of EU and Shanghai). They had a live show each week in Japan, and then released two albums, “BEST OF MUCC” and “WORST OF MUCC” at the same time. Their live show at Zepp Tokyo was broadcasted all over the world through “Yahoo!” media. Their 8 CDs included the best albums were released in Europe and USA.

They joined in “ROCKSTAR TASTE OF CHAOS 2008” traveling through 34 cities in the US and “ROCKSTAR TASTE OF CHAOS International” which included 19 shows in Europe. MUCC was the headliner of these shows for two nights in Japan. Besides that, “Sweden Rock Fes” and one-man show in New York and Los Angeles were a huge success for them.

The album “Shion” was released in Japan, Europe and US. This album includes the song “FUZZ” which was used in “Cloverfield”, a Hollywood movie. The single, “Ageha” was produced by Ken from “L’Arc~en~Ciel” and came out in August of 2008.

Also, the second single CD “Sora to Ito” produced by Ken was released in January 2009. The album “Kyutai –Sphere-” came out in March and they had a show at Nippon Budokan on March 15th for the first time in three years (tickets were sold out).

Their first national TOUR “MUCC JAPAN TOUR 2009 –Kyutai-“(from May to June) has just finished. Their world tour including South America started in October and the band will visit 13 countries. The final show will be held in Tokyo.

Last August, the band released their first music video collection ”The Clips -track of six nine-“, best B-side albums ”COUPLING BEST” and “COUPLING WORST”. They went on a world tour in October, visiting 11 countries including their first visit to Latin America. This big tour will end in Tokyo on November 16th.
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