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    Quinta-feira Dezembro 2, 2021
  • Go on a Journey with the Straw Hat crew and Rep this Exclusive One Piece Lineup!

    Available while supplies last!

    Explore the latest CR Exclusives collection featuring One Piece! Become a wanted member with this limited edition lineup available only on the Crunchyroll Store!

  • Quarta-feira Dezembro 1, 2021
  • RECS: Top 30 Anime of All Time According to Silvervale

    Silvervale joins us as a guest author to talk about her favorite anime

    Silvervale is an okami sakura spirit that hosts cozy gaming streams on Twitch. In our second installment in our VShojo series, Silvervale joins us as a guest author to talk about her favorite thirty anime of all time. Hit the jump to read!

  • Princess Connect! Re: Dive Holiday Festivities Continue with Free Daily 10-Draws!

    A new limited Holiday character, guaranteed 3★, and fan-favorite free daily 10-draws too?

    Heyas, Knights! It’s getting so cold, isn’t it? Hopefully, every Knight is staying warm every night, feeling the holiday vibes, and enjoying the special in-game story event! The holiday festivities just keep continuing, including the brand-new guaranteed 3★ Premium Gacha, so let’s dive into the deets! 

  • Terça-feira Novembro 30, 2021
  • Come See Crunchyroll at Anime Frontier 2021!

    Get in on the industry panel and snag a gift bag with a bunch of goodies

    Anime Frontier 2021 is about to bring a ton of anime fun to the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, TX from December 3-5, and Crunchyroll will be there. Read on for more.

  • Segunda-feira Novembro 29, 2021
  • Join the Phantom Thieves in Changing the Hearts of the People With Our Persona 5 Exclusive Lineup!

    Available for pre-order until December 20!

    Awaken your Persona with the latest CR Loves collection featuring Persona 5! Summon powerful monsters and defeat the shadows while wearing this limited edition lineup debuting on the Crunchyroll Store! 

  • Domingo Novembro 28, 2021
  • QUIZ: Which Super Cozy Anime Should You Check Out Next?

    Which fall favorite needs to be on your watchlist?

    Fall in love with cozy anime perfect for cold weather. But with so many options, it’s hard to know where to start. Want to know which series would be your perfect match?  Hit the jump to take our quiz and find out.

  • Sábado Novembro 27, 2021
  • QUIZ: Which Magical Girl Best Suits Your Personality?

    Make your transformation and find out which magical girl you are!

    There are plenty of magical girls throughout the world of anime, it's time to decide which one best fits your personality! Click here to take our quiz and see which magical girl you are!

  • Terça-feira Novembro 23, 2021
  • RECS: Top 30 Anime of All Time According to Gigguk

    Garnt Maneetapho joins us as a guest author to talk about his favorite anime

    Gigguk joins us as a guest author to talk about 30 of his all time favorite anime!

  • Segunda-feira Novembro 22, 2021
  • Celebrating the Winners of Kristian Kostov's "Built Different" Campaign!

    Eight winners were chosen and included in the final music video!

    Bulgarian-Russian pop star Kristian Kostov recently premiered a new music video for "Built Different" along with a special animation jam campaign. Read on to celebrate the winners!

  • Quarta-feira Novembro 17, 2021
  • Become a WANTED Member of the Straw Hats with Crunchyroll's One Piece AR Filter!

    Show off your bounty today in anticipation of the episode 1000 premiere on November 20

    One Piece episode 1000 is just days away, and there's no better way to celebrate than to become a member of the Straw Hat crew yourself! You can do exactly that with the help of Crunchyroll's new One Piece AR filter, so read on for details.

  • Terça-feira Novembro 16, 2021
  • CR Loves: Demon Slayer Collection Pre-Orders Go Live!

    Available for pre-order until November 30

    Take on powerful enemies with an exclusive, custom-designed CR Loves Demon Slayer collection. Available now only at the Crunchyroll Store!

  • Segunda-feira Novembro 15, 2021
  • SAKUGAN Fan Art Campaign Goes Live with Some Amazing Prizes

    Show your art for a chance to win signed Blu-rays and more!

    The team behind the SAKUGAN anime wants to see the creativity of fans around the world, so the production committee has teamed up with Doujin World to launch a special fan art campaign to put it all on display. Read on for details!

  • Princess Connect! Re: Dive Gets a Head Start on Holiday Festivities!

    Holiday-themed characters, stories, and a new way to unlock your characters' full potential!

    Heyas, Knights! As you might have predicted, we like to celebrate holidays a bit ahead of schedule here. But there's a good reason for it - we've got so much planned for the exciting winter holiday season that we have to get started early! Read on for all the details. 

  • Domingo Novembro 14, 2021
  • QUIZ: Which My Hero Academia Quirk Would You Have?

    Take our quiz and see which Quirk would fit you best!

    In the world of My Hero Academia, are you more an All for One or a One for All? Hit the jump to take our quiz and find out!

  • Sexta-feira Novembro 12, 2021
  • Adorable High Guardian Spice Pin Set Now Available to Pre-Order

    Set features chibi-style versions of Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, and Thyme

    If you've been enjoying the adventures of Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, and Thyme as they study at High Guardian Academy, you'll soon be able to bring the main cast of High Guardian Spice home in the form of an adorable pin set. Read on for more!

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