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    Sexta-feira Junho 29, 2018
  • The True Meaning of Anime Haircuts

    When a haircut isn't just about getting rid of your split ends

    Many characters in anime get haircuts at some point in their shows. Whether you like or dislike the change in hairstyle, these haircuts often mean more than just a new look. Click the jump to learn more!

  • Segunda-feira Junho 11, 2018
  • Love is the Greatest Mystery of All in Hyouka

    The amateur investigators final case is to crack their own feelings

    The romance between Oreki and Chitanda is one of the more understated, but no less outstanding, things about Hyouka. Both learn from each other over time, and both increasingly sense each other’s attraction. But before they take it further, Chitanda gives Oreki an ultimatum. Hit the jump to discover the mystery behind their attraction!

  • Segunda-feira Junho 4, 2018
  • The Mad Scientist and the Will of Steins Gate

    Okabe must rediscover his inner mad scientist to save everyone and achieve the will of Steins;Gate.

    Rintarou Okabe has given up his mad scientist alter ego, and his friends are worried by this seemingly out-of-nowhere change. With Kurisu dead in this worldline, World War III looming in the not-too-distant future, Okabe will need to rediscover his other self in order to reach the will of Steins Gate and save everyone and everything he loves. Click the jump to read more!

  • Segunda-feira Maio 21, 2018
  • When War Comes Home: The Loss of Innocence in Invisible Victory

    Full Metal Panic! returns with a new story that ventures into darker territory

    After over a decade, the Full Metal Panic! anime finally gets a new sequel in Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory. Exciting as this new project to a classic series may be, Invisible Victory ventures into territory that may leave fans of certain aspects of the show surprised. What should everyone expect? Click the jump to find out!

  • Segunda-feira Maio 7, 2018
  • Freedom: The Draw of One Piece's Central Message

    For Luffy, being the Pirate King is being the freest person on the seas.

    Whether you're school kid studying hard for the exams or a grown adult coming back from a busy day of work, chances are that you might be into One Piece! What's so great about One Piece that it's widely read by so many people? Click the jump to learn more!

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