PERSONA5 the Animation Will Steal Your Heart at Animate Shibuya

Animate Shibuya showcases art and storyboards from PERSONA5 the Animation

If you’re ever in Tokyo, it’s a good idea to keep an ear to the ground regarding anime exhibitions. They're a great chance to surround yourself with items from your favorite anime and maybe leave with some special merchandise as well. Recently, the Animate store in Shibuya set up an exhibition for PERSONA5 the Animation including character cutouts, storyboards, and even some exclusive keyframes.



The main case was filled with some familiar items. Replicas of Ryuji, Ren, Ann, and Yusuke’s masks were joined by a plush doll of everyone’s favorite mascot Morgana. Above them were storyboards from Joker’s escape in the first episode. Although we’d already seen these items unveiled at AnimeJapan, we’re now able to compare the storyboards to the finished product like this:



Standing at the very center of the exhibit was all the Phantom Thieves that have currently been introduced in the anime. They are the first thing you see when walking in, so it’s very cool to see them standing on front of the Phantom Thieves logo.



You could also see (but unfortunately not take pictures of) some of the original background art from the series. The background team, Studio Easter, (Also known for Black Clover, Love Live! and Blood Blockade Battlefront) did an exceptional job recreating the grandeur behind the metaverse palaces.



While the character designs that are used for their real life selves are available on the PERSONA5 the Animation website, this exhibit also featured the original character designs of their different outfits, including Joker and Morgana’s metaverse versions. Morgana’s character designs appeared especially expressive.


However the exhibit wasn’t just about looking at PERSONA5 the Animation production materials. There was also ways in which fans could interact with the exhibit. The main way was the form of this message board, filled with messages and drawings from fans of the series. Pictures of Goro Akechi and Morgana were especially popular here.



But this wasn’t the only way of interacting with the exhibit. There was also a quiz asking visitors to try and answer five questions about the series. The questions were:


1. What is the name of the protagonist in PERSONA5 the Animation?

2. What is the name of the first Persona whom the protagonist acquires?

3. What is the name of the cafe where the protagonist lives at?

4. What is the name of the school that the protagonist transfers into?

5. What are the places that represent the twisted desires of a person called?

If you got three or more of those questions correct, you received one exclusive photograph of Morgana from the series, as well as one extra random photo for each 1000 yen you spend at the store. So before I handed mine in, I headed over to the merchandise section of the exhibit where you could purchase different items branded with the cast of the series. I decided to pick up the original character designer Shigenori Soejima’s art book, featuring all of his and P-Studio’s art team’s illustrations since 2010. This meant that in the end, I received these three photos:



It’s not a large space, but the PERSONA5 the Animation exhibit in Animate Shibuya is a nice way to interact with the series, take a look at some special items and leave with a couple of treasures. 


Callum May is on an unending quest to make the anime industry seem cool and interesting. You can follow his journey on The Canipa Effect Youtube channel or follow his Twitter.

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