FANS REACT: Haikyu!! Fans Can’t Wait for the Battle at the Garbage Dump!

That win has us flying high but that nostalgia has us crying

Nekoma and Karasuno face off


WARNING: Spoilers for the Haikyuu! finale ahead


Haikyu!! TO THE TOP Episode 25 “The Promised Land” has been released, leaving us tearful and wanting more. Find out all about the season finale and what the fans had to say. 


We begin with the closing scene from “Monster’s Ball.” The parallelism to the first season leaves us breathless. Fans might remember Kageyama’s monologue before his and Hinata’s final quick against Aoba Josai: “This position … This timing … This angle … It’s perfect.” Now, we hear the same words, but from Astumu Miya, and it is Karasuno’s first-year duo that shuts down the minus-temp quick. 


Karasuno celebrates victory


This isn’t the only time in the episode where our nostalgic heartstrings are plucked and pulled. Later on in the episode, we hear the first opening theme of the first season, “Imagination” by SPYAIR begin to play. And it feels as if we’re finally now beginning the climax set up in the first season: The Battle between the Crows and Cats. 


The battle is different from any other the Crows have faced thus far — they are depicted as the overwhelming favorites, having bested Aoba Josai, Shiratorizawa’s Ushiwaka, and the Miya Twins. Akane Yamamoto (Taketora Yamamoto’s sister) overhears several comments that Nekoma is a bland team that may not put up much of a fight in the upcoming game. She vows that these doubters will eat their words. How will Karasuno handle the pressure now that they are no longer the underdogs and greatness is expected from them? 


Karasuno and Nekoma cheer squads face off


We’re left with a lot of questions, eagerly awaiting the climactic next season of the Haikyu!! series. Let’s see how the fans reacted!




What did you think of the final episode of the season? Let us know your spoiler-free thoughts in the comments below!


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