VIDEO: Why Make a "Dragon Age" Anime?

An Explanation of the Divisive Decision and Why It Makes Sense

EA, BioWare, and FUNimation are working with Vexille director Fumihiko Sori and studio Oxybot to produce an animated feature based on Bioware's Dragon Age games. Gackt and Sky Crawlers' Chiaki Kuriyama and Shosuke Tanihara have recently signed on to voice characters in a project that's intended to attract international attention. And, as such, Japanese production company T.O Entertainment has posted a look at why a Dragon Age anime makes sense.



The 450 "dislikes" on Youtube suggest more convincing may be needed. A few sample comments include:


It's not even real animation, it's ****ing CGI.


"the thing about anime is that it's well respected in the north american community"

ahahah what  ******* clown


Bioware, **** off. You aren't "edgy," you aren't "hip," and everybody knows that your shitty storylines are just ripped off from some 15-year-old's fanfiction.


They are doing anything and everything in their power to RUIN Dragon Age... First Dragon Age II, then that ***** Machinima online series, now this. And the advance info given on Dragon Age III isn't promising.


 Gackt and Chiaki Kuriyama on joining the project...


via Kotaku

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