Mr. Incredible Joins Revoltech Pixar Collection in February

Mr. Incredible joins WALL-E and Nemo

While Kaiyodo's line Revoltech's approach to Pixar gained some Internet infamy due to the disconcerting expression on the the alternate face of Toy Story's Woody in their Sci-fi subline, they've managed to come up with resoundingly cute figures of WALL-E and Finding Nemo's titular fish for their Pixar collection. In February, the Revoltech Pixar family grows by one with the introduction of Mr. Incredible.


The 11cm Mr. Incredible features 14 points of articulation, movable eyes, a second "battle face," and a Omnidroid figure.



Lightning McQueen from Cars beats Mr. Incredible to the punch and gets released this month on the 15th.


via CollectionDX

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