Mount "One Piece" Real Mask on Your Wall, Confuse Guests

Sniper King kicks off Plex's Real Mask Project line

You don't have to read toooo far into One Piece to know how awesome Sogeking (AKA Sniper King) is, but we won't spoil anything for anyone who hasn't reached that point. Those who know him well can bask in the glow of Plex's Sogeking Real Mask below!


The coldcast mask measures 35 x 46 x 18 cm, and comes mounted on a plaque. It comes out in March for ¥7,600 (about $96), but pre-orders have been closed for a while.



Sogeking is the first addition to Plex's Real Mask Project line. Would you mount something like this in your home?


Via Tomopop

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