VIDEO: Preview for "Hetalia The World Twinkle" 2nd Character Song CD Featuring Prussia and Germany

6th anime series will start streaming on July 3

Following the first one for Italy (Daisuke Namikawa) and Japan (Hiroki Takahshi), Frontier Works has also posted a video preview for the upcoming second character song CD from the latest anime series Hetalia The World Twinkle, featuring Prussia (Atsushi Kousaka) and Germany (Hiroki Yasumoto). The first CD will be available on June 24, the second will follow on July 8. A total of eight CDs are listed, the last eighth for China and Hong Kong is scheduled for October 7.


Hetalia The World Twinkle, the sixth anime adaptation of Hidekaz Himaruya's comedy manga series Hetalia: Axis Powers, will start streaming on dAnime Store and other streaming sites at 12:00 on July 3 (JST). For those who can't wait, an advance screening event for the first three episodes will be held at Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro in Tokyo on June 13.



Character song CD vol.2 preview


CD jacket illustration



Character song CD vol.1 preview




Anime PV



Theme song "Hetalian☆Jet" CD single jacket


Source: "Hetalia The World Twinkle" official website


© 2015 Hidekaz Himaruya, Gentosha Comics/Hetalia Production Committee


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