Funky Kato Stars in Comedy "Sabuibo Mask"

Film directed by Naoto Monma blends live-action, music, and animation


Funky Kato, the former vocalist of Japanese hip-hop band FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, will be starring in the leading role in Sabuibo Mask, a comedy about a determined young man trying to revitalize his fading hometown with a unique street performance - singing in public while wearing a lucha libre wrestling mask.



The film also stars Teppei Koike, Airi Taira, and Yoichi Nukumichi. It will feature a combination of live-action footage, music, and animation. Sabuibo Mask is directed by Naoto Monma and features a screenplay by Lion Hitoshizuku. It is scheduled to hit Japanese theaters in early Summer of 2016. More information can be found at the official home page here.



Cinema Today

Official Sabuibo Mask home page


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