Is the Order a Diamond Ring? ANIME UNIVERSITY COOP Offers Tippy Bling

Onyx and diamond class ring features an engraving of Tippy from "Is the Order a Rabbit?"


Japanese character goods vendor ANIME UNIVERSITY COOP is offering an unusual piece of jewelry for adult fans of Is The Order a Rabbit?: a class ring featuring the likeness of Tippy, the fluffy (and surprisingly deep voiced) mascot of the Rabbit House cafe.






The ring is made of sterling silver, diamond, and onyx and comes in ring sizes 17 and 19. It retails for 32,400 yen ($298.23 US). Pre-orders for the "Tippy Diamond Ring" are open until June 05, 2016, with the final product scheduled to ship in July of 2016.



Tippy appreciates the finer things in life, apparently.



Dengeki Online via Yaraon!

Official ANIME UNIVERSITY COOP home page


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