Kirby Celebrates His 25th with New Merch (With and Without Weird Chin)

Ikebukuro PARCO launches a line of goods and activities to celebrate Nintendo's best puffball.


The little pink puffball that ruins Super Smash Bros. for everyone (unless you're playing him) is celebrating 25 years of adorable action. To make the festivities bigger, Ikebukuro PARCO is setting up a ten-day-long anniversary event, featuring exclusive merch, exhibits, and... those versions of him with the big chin.



The PARCO event will feature goods from the "Shakurel Kirby" line created by Panda's Ana, as well as an exhibit of developmental materials for the line's design.


If big ol' jawlines aren't your jam, though, don't worry. The majority of the exhibit is based around Kirby as originally imagined. Decor will make visitors feel as if they're wandering through Dreamland, and will feature a reproduction of Kirby's house!



Limited-edition goods on offer include caps, keyrings, T-shirts, and pouches in a variety of limited-edition stypes. Additionally, purchases totaling 1,500 yen or more will come with a Shakurel Kirby clear sticker.


The event runs from December 8-18.


>> Kirby 25th Anniversary Site

>> Ikebukuro PARCO Collaboration Site

Source: Anime! Anime!




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