Can You Survive the "You Don't Know Gunma Yet" TV Anime Teaser Trailer?

Main cast revealed for upcoming adaptation of Hiroto Ida's manga about moving to an unfamiliar prefecture


Who knew that changing prefectures could be so traumatic? The main cast and a 30 second teaser trailer have been revealed for You Don't Know Gunma Yet (known in Japan as Omae wa Mada Gunma wo Shiranai), an upcoming TV anime based on the humorous manga by Hiroto Ida about the unexpected difficulties of adjusting to life in a new prefecture.



The main cast for You Don't Know Gunma Yet includes:



Gakuto Kajiwara as Nori Kamitsuki, the protagonist of the show. Kamitsuki is an ordinary high school student who was born in Sanjo City in Niigata Prefecture. As a teenager, he moves from Choshi City in Chiba Prefecture to Gunma Prefecture.



Jun Kasama as Otoya Todoroki, another main character. Known for his glasses, muffler, and bright red hair, Todoroki is the committee chairman of Kamitsuki's class.



And Aya Uchida as Kyou Shinooka, the heroine of the show and Kamitsuki's classmate. The leader of the JKJ, she is known by her nickname, "Shinocchi". Shinooka has a beautiful appearance but a boisterous personality. She's a bit of a man-hater, but she's gentle around women.



The story of You Don't Know Gunma Yet follows Nori Kamitsuki, a high school student who moves from Chiba Prefecture to Gunma Prefecture. Prior to arriving at his new home, he finds disturbing info on the Internet, describing Gunma as "the last unexplored place on Earth" and stating that he needs "to bring the best the equipment possible". Will Kamitsuki survive the culture shock of getting to know the true nature of Gunma Prefecture?



The original You Don't Know Gunma Yet manga is serialized in Shinchosa's Kurage Bunch digital manga magazine. The You Don't Know Gunma Yet TV anime is directed by Mankyu and features animation by Asahi Production. You Don't Know Gunma Yet will broadcast on Gunma TV and GYAO! beginning on April 02, 2018, and on Animax beginning on April 07, 2018.





Official You Don't Know Gunma Yet TV anime home page



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