Sega Joins the Pack with "Kemono Friends 3" Smart Phone & Arcade Games

Pre-registration is now open in Japan for latest iteration of popular mixed media project


The Kemono Friends mixed media project continues to expands its horizons, because now Sega is releasing a new smart phone game and a new arcade game entitled Kemono Friends 3 and Kemono Friends 3: Planet Tours, respectively.



Pre-registration has begun in Japan for Kemono Friends 3, which will be published in 2019 for Android and iOS smart phones. Kemono Friends 3 uses a basic free-to-play model with in-game purchases. The pre-registration campaign offers various in-game prizes, and if 10,000 players register, a short anime will be published to correspond with the smart phone game.

Kemono Friends 3: Planet Tours is a card-collecting battle game where a single-player pits various Friends against one another in contests of strength, and it is also scheduled to hit Japanese arcades in 2019.



GAME Watch


Official Kemono Friends 3 home page and Twitter feed (@kemono_friends3)



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