Monogatari Series' 2nd Theme Song Compilation Album Dominates Japan's Weekly Album Charts

Becoming the sixth anime theme song compilation album getting the No.1 spot

According to the latest Oricon and Billboad Japan's weekly album sales reports, "Utamonogatari 2 - Monogatari Series Theme Song Compilation Album," released in Japan on May 10, took top spot in both charts. It has been three years and four month since the Monogatari franchise's first compilation album became the top-selling weekly album in January 2016. Oricon said it sold about 16,000 units in its first week, Billboard Japan said it sold 13,960 units between May 6 and 12.


It also became the sixth anime theme song compilation album that took the top spot in the Oricon weekly sales chart, following "Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Best" (October 2004), "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Complete Best" (November 2005), "Code Geass Complete Best" (January 2009), "One Piece Memorial Best" (March 2010), and "Utamonogatari - Monogatari Series Theme Song Compilation Album" (January 2016). 


The seond compilation album includes 16 songs from the anime and game adaptations based on Nishio

Ishin's Monogatari light novel series, from "Orange Mint" (TV anime Tsukimonogatari OP) by Saori Hayami

as Yotsugi Ononoki to " wicked prince" (The Monogatari Series Puc Puc game app theme song) by princess

à la mode.



The anime's character designer Akio Watanabe provides newly-drawn jacket illustrations featuring the

heroines (see below).




Source: Mantan Web, Billboard Japan


© Nisio Isin/Kodansha, Aniplex, Shaft


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