Gear up for the Great Outdoors with Laid-Back Camp Bags

New trio of bags will keep you organized on your next laid-back weekend out


Fans of Laid-Back Camp who want to experience the great outdoors for themselves have a neverending supply of camping gear themed to their favorite series. The latest addition to the line is a trio of rugged bags, created by Outdoor Products and sold via Premium Bandai.


Each of the black bags comes with bright accents and trim: pink for Nadeshiko, blue for Rin:



All bags feature a "YURUCAMP" triangular patch, as well as striped/triangular pattern linings and a pink or blue tag.



Choose from a full-sized rucksack, a convenient shoulder bag, or a small accessory bag. Or get all three and be fully prepared and accessorized! The set is available for pre-order now.



Rucksacks are 9,680 yen (about $88.39), shoulder bags are 3,520 yen (about $32.14), and accessory bags are 2,420 yen (about $22.10). All prices include tax. Pre-orders close December 15, and orders will ship out in March.


>> Laid-Back Camp Bag Order Page

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