JoJo Fashion Collection Starring Iggy Is Anything But Tiny

Check out lounge wear and children's clothes featuring the Stand-using pup


No foolin'—the coolest dog in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has his own fashion collection!


BANCOLLE, Bandai's anime-centric clothing line, is rolling out a selection of lounge wear featuring the Stand-wielding Boston Terrier. At the top of the list is a hoodie/sweats combo with an Iggy face and ears on the hood:



If you're looking for something slightly more low-key, never fear—the rest of the items sport a repeating Iggy-centric pattern in black, white, or navy. That includes hoodies, shirts, tunics, and backpacks, including kids' sizes:



All items are now on sale from Premium Bandai until March 31, and are expected to ship out in April.


>> Iggy the Fool Lounge Wear from BANCOLLE

Source: Anime! Anime!



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