Millennium Parade Shows Off Unique Futuristic Visions in Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045 OP Theme MV

The group's leader Tsuneda says, "We really made it through."



Following the teaser clip introduced two weeks ago, the official YouTube channel for Daiki Tsuneda's digital creator group millennium parade posted a five-minute full-length music video for their new song "Fly with me," which is now featured as the OP theme for the 3DCG web anime Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045. The clip was produced in full cooperation with the anime's production committee, including the motion capture filming that was the first experience for the group.


The video's story depicts the vivid fight sequences by Eugene, Fuzzable, and Popchop, the three characters who also appeared in the teaser, against enemies by their own means, which is like expressing the stance of the creator group millennium parallel.


The group's leader Tsuneda says, "We really made it through. When it was completed, we watched it together, and I was so impressed that we could make such a wonderful thing by ourselves, and all the members cried. It has become such an impressive work that we put everything we had, so please, please check it out!"


While the CD single release of the song has been postponed from the original date of April 22 to May 13 due to the COVID-19 spread, its digital release already began as scheduled on April 22.



"Fly with me" full MV:




millennium parade "Fly with me" digital single jacket (including the song's live version):



Artist photo:



"Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045" key visual:



Source: millennium parade official website / Twitter


© Masamune Shirow,Production I.G/KODANSHA, Ghost in The Shell 2045 Production Committee


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