"One Piece Wedding Plan" filled with One Piece-themed Items is Now Available

Character photo panel will be offered for free on the wedding day



A Tokyo-based bridal business company ESCRIT will produce a special wedding plan collaborating with the internationally popular anime franchise One Piece and started taking reservations for a free wedding consultation "One Piece Bridal Fair" from May 5. 


The press release writes, "In this project with 'One Piece,' we have prepared a number of items exclusively for 'One Piece Wedding' that are suitable for decorating the beginning of the couple's journey to the 'Grand Line,' with the meaning of 'the shape of a circle = uninterrupted forever,' since the 'Grand Line' is a route that circles the world in the story. "



As a bonus for attending "One Piece Bridal Fair," all participants will receive an original marriage certificate.



As a bonus for signing a contract for the wedding, the couple will also receive a welcome board.



Full-sized character photo panel will be offered for free on the wedding day.



Sanji's special course meals:



Drink decorations:



Paper items (Invitation cards, seating chart, seat cards, menu):


Wedding favors (flavor tea):






Source: ESCRIT press release


© Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA, Fuji TV, Toei Animation


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