Dragon Star Varnir Hits Switch in the West on August 3

Idea Factory International prepares for physical and digital launch

Dragon Star Varnir


Dragon Star Varnir originally launched on PS4 in Japan back in October 2018, with a western release following in June 2019 and a PC version going global that October. Now the Switch version—which hit Japan on May 27—is coming to the west on August 3 via Idea Factory International.


In addition to the eShop digital release, IFI's Online Store and Limited Run Games will have a physical edition for sale, with pre-orders kicking off on July 6 via IFI and now through Limited Run. 



The Switch version has a few exclusives, including additional weapons, armor, and level caps previously only available as paid DLC. All of these items are now free.


Here's more on the story from Idea Factory International's press release:


In a world where the bones of an ancient beast tower over the land...


The Knight Zephy is part of an order whose role is to hunt down witches – people seen as cursed beings for giving birth to dragons.


He is brutally mauled by a dragon on one mission, but as he gasps his last breath, two witches save him by feeding him dragon blood – a death-defying magical substance that also grants him new witch powers.


Their fates now intertwined, Zephy reluctantly joins the witches against a slew of enemies: an Empire out to destroy his kind, ruthless dragon hunters, and a witch more powerful than any in existence.


Can they fight all this and save themselves, or will his new allies succumb to the dragon’s curse…?


Source: Press release




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