Manga Artist Naoki Urasawa Is Making All His Manga Available Digitally

Asadora!, YAWARA!, and more are already available, with more to come

from YAWARA!


On the newest section of his website, manga artist Naoki Urasawa makes it clear that he still loves paper books a lot. He also notes that a lot of people turn to ebooks to read manga now — and he's making sure that his classic titles like Monster and 20th Century Boys are easily available to digital manga enjoyers, too.


Starting today, Urasawa will be releasing all his manga works in digital editions. 


Naoki Urasawa Manga


The first series of releases kicks off with Asadora!, Urasawa's currently-running historical/sci-fi manga. Also available are complete editions of sports manga JIGORO! and its sequel YAWARA!20th Century Boys and its sequel 21st Century Boys, short story collection Sneeze, and Louve collaboration Mujirushi: The Sign of Dreams.


The second series of releases will hit at the end of February, and will include Urasawa's medical thriller Monster and his official guidebook, Egaite Egaite Egakimakuru. There will be a third series "and beyond," whose contents will be announced at a later date.


There's no word yet on whether the digital editions will be getting a release in other languages.


Source: @urasawa_naoki on Twitter


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