Azuma Yunoki
Apelido: Yunoki
Nome: Azuma
Género: Masculino
País de origem: Japan
Data de nascimento: June 18
Tipo sanguíneo: AB
Tipo: Pessoa
Visualizações da página: 21811
Fãs: 57
Publicações no fórum: 0
Publicações no mural: 2
Fotos carregadas: 7

Azuma Yunoki

Visão geral
The prince of Seiso Academy, Azuma Yunoki is the most popular and respected male in the entire school. The admiration females have for him has gotten to the point that he even has his own fanclub, although they all want him for themselves. Azuma seems to have everything, and he is the perfect student; charming, intelligent, and good looking, it’s no wonder that he is loved by all.

Azuma was born to a prestigious, prosperous family, leaving his flawless personality as no surprise. As an impeccable third year music student, he is a participant in the concours as a flutist where his best friend, Kazuki Hihara, is also competing. Since he is so well-liked by everyone, he has power over most of the student body, including the power to stop his fans from bullying Kahoko Hino. Even Kahoko is enchanted by his bewitching self and how he saved her when they first met. They even somewhat become acquaintances afterward. Despite is popularity though, his life behind the scenes remains a mystery to many, leaving him an enigma to his fellow contenders in the concours.
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