Cartoon Kat-Tun
País de origem: Japan
Ano de produção: 2007
Datas de transmissão: 4 de abr de 2007 to 24 de mar de 2010
Episodes: 152
Tipo: Série
Visualizações da página: 291075
Fãs: 1651
Publicações no fórum: 735
Publicações no mural: 2756
Fotos carregadas: 138

Cartoon Kat-Tun

  • tsabeee07
    hello can somebody help me? i was an avid fan of kattun. and i cant remember the title of their video way back years ago. their performance was like this, each member holds a red rose and they were stomping their feet
  • ceaZane26
    i luv this show so much!! .. super fun ... KAT-TUN is d best!! ...
  • chong9489
    up till now i still love them alot. How i hope akanishi jin comes back ! i mean,it's a great opportunity to have his own stage but i still believe think that without jin,kat tun is not kat tun anymore.
  • burgerfin
    do anyone know where i can watch ep. 23???? if you know where i can watch ep. 23-26 it would be great!
  • yuki_n_jin
    Does anyone know where i can watch ep 124??
  • Taimysho3
    You can watch it online...i think i know only one website that actually has alot of the episode like 150 of them i think but it might be a bad idea if i try to post it here so if anyone wants to know message me.
  • drama_addict11
    does anyone know where to watch Cartoon Kat tun subbed....and does anyone know if it's still airing or not? Thanks!!! LOVE BAKANISHI!!!
  • CherryPie01
    all Akanishi fans really need to check out the new AnAN magazine um he poses in the porno issue if that tells u nething, I suggest keeping a bucket of water next to u at all times!
  • Killa_Patty
    Where can I watch Cartoon KAT-TUN episode 51 and up??? I can only find episodes 1-50
  • ayeshabelo
    yeahh some new web entries people!
  • ayeshabelo
    *GAAAAHH* gomen minna-san for not updating regularly. life's been tough with school and all. nevertheless, episodes 113 & 114 are up!
  • Sharon2426
    why can't i read the rest of the commets??!!!! i can only read commets from weeks ago
  • ayeshabelo
    @kriszeth & echikun: in this group, go to forum. then click on the topic called "Cartoon KAT-TUN episodes" . the links to majority of the videos are there. i update the videos weekly so do drop by if youu want to see the latest episodes [:
  • ayeshabelo
    links to episode 111 have been added to the list! and news update! Dreamboys 2009
  • echikun
    i havent seen the videos..where can i find it?
  • kriszeth
    why have the videos been erased? does anyone know?
  • ayeshabelo
    episode 110 added! so sorry for the delay!
  • Kira148
    the computer wont let me post the link so if you wanna see it just type wonder feat crystal kay on youtube and it will bring you to the fancam video
  • Kira148
    omg! i just saw this video on youtube its a fancam apparently Jin has a new song out called Wonder feat Crystal Kay