Hiroto Kanazawa
Apelido: Kanazawa
Nome: Hiroto
Também conhecido como:
金澤 紘人
Género: Masculino
País de origem: Japan
Data de nascimento: March 01
Tipo sanguíneo: A
Tipo: Pessoa
Visualizações da página: 13019
Fãs: 9
Publicações no fórum: 0
Publicações no mural: 0
Fotos carregadas: 0

Hiroto Kanazawa

Visão geral
A surprisingly lazy and apathetic man, Hiroto Kanazawa is the teacher in charge of Seiso Academy’s concours. He dislikes being hassled, and even though he’s 33 years old, he is still single. He is noted by others for smoking and liking cats; he is occasionally seen feeding the cats outdoors on the school’s property.

On account of his slothful work habits, former student Shinobu Ousaki serves as Mr. Kanazawa’s assistant. He seems to have knowledge about the fata Lili, but claims he is unable to see him; he told Kahoko Hino that she was to be in the concours because she could see Lili. Some event seemed to happen in Mr. Kanazawa’s past that Kahoko is curious about, but he remains silent on the matter. If anyone can persuade him to speak of his past, he may find a heavy burden lifted off of his shoulders.
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