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Kusunoki Kasuga

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This is a list of characters from the manga, light novels and anime series, The World God Only Knows (神のみぞ知るセカイ, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai?) by Tamiki Wakaki.

The following are the girls in the manga/anime that were once possessed by the Weiss. Each of the girls had a personal problem that allowed the spirits to hide inside their hearts where it feeds on their negative emotions and grows stronger. A side-effect of the possessed is the more powerful a Weiss gets, the host starts to manifest unique powers which is reflective of their personality. Most Weiss stay in their host until they are reborn as the girls first born child, however, if the spirits are not removed before it becomes too powerful, they will take over their host. To prevent this, Keima tries to find out the girls problems, try to solve it and make them fall in love with him (although there are variations for some of them). Once the spirit is forced out and captured, the girls memories including their acquaintances are erased and modified by the Spirit Hunters yet the girls feelings for Keima remain. Each of the girls that Keima has helped are listed chronologically.

A long time ago, the realms of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld maintained a harmonious relationship with human souls where if a human dies on Earth, it's soul will be ferried into the Underworld where half of its energies are processed and later sent to Heaven where it's remaining energies are processed and send back to Earth to be reborn. But 300 years ago, the demons of the underworld became greedy for the energies of human souls and devise a plan to take over both Heaven and Earth. However some demons were against it and rebelled against the conspirators. Together with the forces of Heaven, the rebel demons, who would be later known as the New Hell era demons defeated the conspirators, now known as the Old Hell era demons and sealed them. With the Old demons reign over, the New Hell regime took over the Underworld and introduce many changes in demon society including democracy, ending barbarism and a energy efficient society. However, ten years ago, runaway spirits called Weiss escaped from the Underworld and came to Earth. In order to stop the Weiss possessing humans and captured them, the Spirit Hunter squads were created. Yet unknown to most New Hell demons, the Weiss are in fact the souls of the Old Hell demons.

Spirit Hunters are demons and their human partners who are assigned to capture the Weiss.

300 years ago, the Heavens helped the New Demons defeat the Old Demons for control of the Underworld. In order to seal the Old Demons forever, six sister goddesses who were daughters of the god Jupiter, sacrifice themselves to seal themselves together with the Old Demons in the Underworld. But ten years ago, the seal was broken and the Old Demons, now called the Weiss escaped to Earth including the Jupiter Sisters, who were now weaken due to their time of confinement. Keima's current quest is to find them as he believes they reside in the girls he encounter before. Unlike the Weiss whose powers comes from negative emotions, the goddesses powers comes from love. Furthermore they can communicate with people by either taking over their host which changes their appearance and a Halo is seen which is a telltale sign they are in control or speaking via reflective surfaces. Each of the goddesses are name after a Roman deity.

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