Nome: Lili
Também conhecido como:
Género: Masculino
País de origem: Japan
Tipo: Pessoa
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Visão geral
Lili is an impish fata, a type of fairy, who wants to spread joy to all living beings through the power of music. As someone who isn’t of the human world, not many people can see him. Only those who, in his words, “are on the same wavelength” as him, or people who have some sort of inner musical ability can have Lili appear to them.

A long time ago, a man who could see Lili took him in to treat his wounds. The man, who wished to start a school specializing in music, treated the fata and told him his dream. Owing him his life, Lili blessed the school with the gift of music, and has since become the Seiso Academy’s resident fata. Years later, student of said school Kahoko Hino also has the rare ability to see Lili, so in return, Lili bestows upon her the gifts of a magical violin and a place in the school’s concours. Given the special opportunity to interact with a human, Lili hopefully will be able to spread the gift of music to at least one more person, even if it be for his own sake.
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