Ryotaro Tsuchiura
Apelido: Tsuchira
Nome: Ryutaro
Também conhecido como:
土浦 梁太郎
Género: Masculino
País de origem: Japan
Data de nascimento: July 25
Tipo sanguíneo: O
Tipo: Pessoa
Visualizações da página: 17640
Fãs: 45
Publicações no fórum: 0
Publicações no mural: 0
Fotos carregadas: 9

Ryotaro Tsuchiura

Visão geral
A second year general education student at Seiso Academy, Ryotaro Tsuchiura is the popular star of the soccer team, respected by males and admired by females alike. Although some find it hard to talk to him, he is warm hearted and will always protect his friends, even if doing so is detrimental to himself.

Ryotaro seems to be a regular student athlete until he meets Kahoko Hino unexpectedly by catching her before she falls down a flight of stairs. After becoming close friends almost immediately, one of his deepest secrets is instantly found out by her: he is actually gifted in piano! As someone who wants to continue to be an ordinary student, he becomes quite angry, making her swear to never tell anyone his secret. To appease her curiosity and concern, he explains that he quit playing the piano publicly after an event that happened during a music competition when he was younger, and now he would rather enjoy his music in private. Because of his close friendship with Hino and his belief that music is enjoyable, he promptly becomes enemies with Len Tsukimori, who has completely opposite views on both subjects. However, with the concours beginning and his newfound friendship with Kahoko, this musician shrouded in the shadows may be able to step into the light and perform his heartfelt music for everyone someday.
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