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    sábado agosto 8, 2020
  • Enter the International Cat Day Contest to Win Amazing Junji Ito Prizes

    You could even win a custom illustration by Ito-sensei himself!

    It only makes sense to celebrate International Cat Day with the master of horror manga himself, so Crunchyroll is here to do just that with a special International Cat Day Contest with Junji Ito. Read on for details! 

  • quinta-feira agosto 6, 2020
  • Sponsored Post: Smash Hit Mobile Action Game Honkai Impact 3rd Introduces New Character Mei, The Herrscher Of Thunder!

    Download now and experience the action!

    Valkyries. Warriors of Schicksal, the most powerful organization on Earth. The lithe bodies of these young girls are imbued with the very genes capable of countering the embodiment of chaos. Read on for the first details on the latest Honkai Impact 3rd characters Mei and Kiana!

  • Virtual Crunchyroll Expo Announces Next Wave of Guests, Panels, and More!

    The creator of The God of High School, staff behind Noblesse, and more join the guest lineup!

    Crunchyroll is back with another wave of Virtual Crunchyroll Expo announcements, including a bunch of guests behind Crunchyroll Originals, additional judges for Crunchyroll-Hime's Cosplay Cup, and much more. Read on for the latest. 

  • terça-feira agosto 4, 2020
  • Mass for the Dead: Two Worlds Collide in New KONOSUBA Crossover!

    This is the first crossover campaign outside Japan for Mass for the Dead

    Starting from August 1st at 1:00am PT, Mass for the Dead players can be cast into another adventure called Blessings on Nazarick, a crossover event with the KONOSUBA series. Read on for details.

  • segunda-feira agosto 3, 2020
  • Virtual Crunchyroll Expo Announces Hime's Cosplay Cup Finalists

    See who will be in competition on Saturday, September 5! 

    This year's Crunchyroll Expo is totally online, but that isn't keeping Hime from hosting a cosplay competition! Hime's Cosplay Cup is open to cosplayers of all skill levels, and today Crunchyroll is here to announce the finalists that will be competing to win for prizes on Saturday, September 5. Read on for more.

  • sexta-feira julho 31, 2020
  • OPINION: BNA and the New Generation of Furry Anime

    With the recent premiere of Studio Trigger's BNA: Brand New Animal, a new era for furry anime is officially upon us. What does BNA have in common with its other recent entries into this niche subgenre?

    BNA joins the likes of Beastars and Aggretsuko as recent entries into an anime subgenre of furry shows. Hit the jump to see what makes each show unique and interesting!

  • Golden Kamuy Characters Invade the World of Grand Summoners!

    The latest event is live now!

    Worlds are colliding as we speak, because the latest anime collaboration is now live in Grand Summoners. This time the mobile RPG is mixing it up with the characters of Satoru Noda's Golden Kamuy, complete with 5- and 6-star versions of some of the series' most iconic characters. Read on for more!

  • Sponsored Post: Arknights Celebrates its Half Year Anniversary with Ancient Forge Event and Special In-Game Rewards!

    Arknights has welcomed its half-year milestone and to celebrate this special occasion, a special side story event – Ancient Forge! Read on for the details.

  • Ask the Creator of So I'm a Spider, So What! YOUR Questions!

    Light novel author Okina Baba to answer fan questions at Virtual CRX panel

    To celebrate the upcoming Crunchyroll Original anime series, So I’m a Spider, So What?, we’re giving you the chance to ask the creator of the light novel series, Okina Baba, and other staff members your burning questions! If selected, your question will be featured during the panel at Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, where Okina Baba and other special guests will discuss their thoughts on the anime, and the creative process behind the light novel.

  • quinta-feira julho 30, 2020
  • INTERVIEW: GOBLIN SLAYER -GOBLIN'S CROWN- Director Ozaki on How His Snowy Hometown Influenced the Movie

    Crunchyroll speaks with GOBLIN SLAYER director Takaharu Ozaki about directing the new movie, GOBLIN SLAYER -GOBLIN'S CROWN-!

    Crunchyroll sits down with GOBLIN SLAYER and GOBLIN SLAYER -GOBLIN'S CROWN- director Takaharu Ozaki about his path to becoming a director, how growing up in a very cold hometown gave him a reference for the setting of the movie, checking out cool castles in Germany, and more! 

  • quarta-feira julho 29, 2020
  • Virtual Crunchyroll Expo Welcomes Rent-a-Girlfriend Cast Members Sora Amamiya, Aoi Yuki, Nao Toyama, and Rie Takahashi

    Learn more about what you can expect at this year's virtual event

    Like many other conventions this year, Crunchyroll is going online with Virtual Crunchyroll Expo. We're not far away from the arrival of the September 4-6 event, so now's a great time to focus on one of the many highlights to come. Read on for more on the Rent-a-Girlfriend plans!

  • terça-feira julho 28, 2020
  • FEATURE: Anime vs. Real Life: The Most Strange Location from a Silent Voice

    Check out the real-world locations of A Silent Voice!

    In this edition of Anime vs. Real Life, follow Wilhelm along on his trip to the stunning real-life locations of one of the biggest anime movies in recent years, the beautiful A Silent Voice. Serene bridges, gourd-draped train stations, and bizarre art installations — see some of the most unusual anime locations to date, right after the jump!

  • segunda-feira julho 27, 2020
  • Sponsored Post: Arknights Releases Music Video Collaboration “Last Of Me” With DJ Steve Aoki

    Arknights releases full version of the music video “Last of Me ft. RUNN”

    Half a month after the debut of Arknights new collaboration with two-time Grammy-nominated DJ/producer Steve Aoki, Arknights officially releases a full version of the music video Last of Me ft. RUNN after releasing a teaser video. Read on for the video.

  • sábado julho 25, 2020
  • Fans Make The Hard Choice and Rank Their Favorite Kyoto Animation Anime

    Over 9,500 Japanese fans choose their favorite series from the beloved animation studio

    Over 9,500 Japanese fans had the daunting task of ranking their favorite Kyoto Animation anime. An anime studio that creates the most gorgeous, the most thrilling, the most heartwarming, anime in the industry. Check out the top 10 after the jump and see which series they ranked as number one!

  • quinta-feira julho 23, 2020
  • Virtual Crunchyroll Expo Opens for Registration with First Wave of Guests, Panels, and More! 

    Cast and creators from shows like Rent-A-Girlfriend and more will be present!

    Virtual Crunchyroll Expo registration is now live along with the first wave of reveals for special guests, panels, and programming. Read on for all the details!