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    segunda-feira setembro 10, 2018
  • How Perfect Blue Is More Relevant Than Ever 20 Years Later

    Reality and fiction aren't as different as they seem

    When Satsohi Kon's Perfect Blue was released 1998, it showcased the pitfalls of being a celebrity in the internet age. 20 years later, the film resonates more than ever as the future it predicted came true. Hit the jump to learn how!

  • quarta-feira agosto 29, 2018
  • Meet the People Behind Alita: Battle Angel at Crunchyroll Expo!

    Three people behind the upcoming Battle Angel Alita film come to Crunchyroll Expo!

    What are three Hollywood stars doing at an anime convention? Promoting their upcoming Battle Angel Alita film, that's what! Hit the jump to learn about why Robert Rodriguez, Rosa Salazar and Jon Landau are must-see panelists at Crunchyroll Expo 2018.

  • terça-feira agosto 28, 2018
  • Director of No Game No Life and A Place Further Than The Universe Comes to Crunchyroll Expo!

    Madhouse director Atsuko Ishizuka will talk about her storied career!

    You've seen her directorial flare in A Place Further Than The Universe and No Game No Life, now learn the story of Madhouse powerhouse Atsuko Ishizuka's unconvential rise to prominence. Just how did this illustator that had never watched anime become one of the industry's most distinctive directors? Hit the jump to find out!

  • sexta-feira julho 27, 2018
  • Threads and Threats: The Best and Worst Villain Costumes in My Hero Academia

    Ranking the fashion choices of My Hero Academia's evildoers

    We often talk about hero costumes but the bad guys need to look the part as well! Hit the jump to find out who the best and worst dressed My Hero Academia villains are.

  • terça-feira julho 24, 2018
  • Should Mega Man X Newcomers Buy the Legacy Collection?

    How Mega Man X holds up in the modern era

    So you've heard of Mega Man but never had the chance to play these classic games for yourself. Is Mega Man X Legacy Collection a good jumping-in point? Hit the jump to find out in our review!

  • segunda-feira julho 16, 2018
  • 30 Years of Akira: The Triumph and Legacy of a Legendary Film

    Looking back at the history and influence of an anime masterpiece

    Akira brought anime outside of Japan and served as a benchmark for every animated feature thereafter. It's ambitious heights and legacy are still felt the world over. Join us as we take a look at the history and influence of this masterpiece on its 30th anniversary!

  • quinta-feira julho 5, 2018
  • How Studio Ghibli's Legacy Traces Back to a Third Generation Thief

    Hayao Miyazaki's debut film set the tone for his career

    Hayao Miyazaki mastered his anime craft at Studio Ghibli, but did you know that he got his start working on Lupin the Third? Hit the jump to read about how the infamous thief’s escapades set the groundwork for Miyazaki’s distinctive style!

  • terça-feira julho 3, 2018
  • Witness the Endless War Inside Your Body in Cells at Work!

    Be introduced to all the organisms that keep you going!

    Biology can be a slog. Enter Cells that Work!, a new series that turns your cells into anime characters who fight off deadly bacteria in brutal battles. Hit the jump to find out how this anime makes education fun!

  • quinta-feira junho 28, 2018
  • I Expected a Cute Anime about a Girl Walking to School, but I Got Chio's School Road Instead!?

    Chio's School Road makes walking to school a thrilling journey

    You've walked to school countless times but we guarantee it's never been as exciting and treacherous as the treks of one Chio Miyamo. From fights with bikers to intense parkour – along with a big dose of heart – Chio's School Road is an unmissable summer 2018 anime. Hit the jump to find out more!

  • segunda-feira junho 25, 2018
  • From Macross to Miku: A History of Virtual Idols

    An overview of the key moments that led to Hatsune Miku and Kizuna AI

    You've heard of Hatsune Miku and Kizuna AI, but what about Kyoko Date and Sharon Apple? Hit the jump to find out more about the history of virtual idols in anime and elsewhere!

  • terça-feira mai 22, 2018
  • Why You Should Watch Your Favorite Anime Again

    Your second viewing of an anime series can give you even more than the first time around!

    Want a break from your bottomless backlog? Here are our reasons for why you should revisit an old favorite. Hit the jump to find out why rewatching an anime series can be an experience even better than the first time!

  • terça-feira mai 8, 2018
  • Lupin vs the Internet: Thievery in an Online World

    How the legendary master thief evades the world wide web

    In Lupin the Third Part 5, the master thief is faced with one of his greatest foes yet: the entire Internet! How will becoming teh latest meme affect Lupin's chances when it comes to pulling off a heist and getting away clean? Hit the jump to find out how Lupin navigates this brave new world of technology!

  • sexta-feira mai 4, 2018
  • Megalo Boxing is Even Better than the Real Thing

    And it's not just because of the mech arms!

    MEGALOBOX's brutal brawls take boxing to the next level, and not only because of the mech arms! Hit the jump to find out all the ways in which this underdog story makes boxing better than ever!

  • terça-feira mai 1, 2018
  • QUIZ: What would YOUR My Hero Academia Quirk be?

    Take this quiz to discover your hidden superpower!

    Have you ever wanted to be a hero but lack a world-saving superpower? We've got you covered with this quick My Hero Academia quiz. Hit the jump to find your Quirk!

  • sexta-feira abril 27, 2018
  • Form and Function: The 10 Best Costumes in My Hero Academia

    These are the ten best-dressed heroes in My Hero Academia!

    Fashion is power in the world of My Hero Academia. No superhero is complete without slick power-enhancing threads. Hit the jump to find out who the series' ten best-dressed heroes are!