Dream Link Entertainment

DLE is a visual contents consulting firm that services the US-Japan co-production industry. The following lists a few of our achievements within the last 7 years since operation.

Achievements till date

* CEO Ryuta Shiiki and Chief Producer Azuma Tani were officially welcomed into the Producers Guild of America in 2005 as the only members admitted from the Japanese animation industry.

* Currently acknowledged as the number 1 FLASH animation studio in Japan.

* Asahi TV broadcasted a 100% DLE/KAERUOTOKO-owned property in April 2006 which became a sensational hit in Japan.

* DLE’s business partnership with Hasbro Inc., Thus, producing animation properties that spawn the development of new toys for world markets.

* DLE's toys were sold at 150 Toys'R'us stores across Japan.

* Introduced a brand new TV entertainment children show "Fightension☆School" every Saturday morning on TX Networks.

* Made up of 7 to 8 multiple short contents, Fightension School has recorded high ratings among rivals such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Keroro, and Pokemon.

Movies under our belt

* 2007, "Eagle Talon the Movie--The Chancellor Only Lives Twice," became the first Flash animation feature film in the world's film industry and broadcasted at 30 TOHO Cinemas nation-wide.

* "Sguy and the Family Stone” premiered on 12th February 2008.

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