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Tokyo-based DIRECTIONS, Inc. produces breathtaking and thought provoking animated works by groundbreaking anime creators. Our collection of works includes the acclaimed series "Time of Eve" (Eve no jikan) by renowned director Yasuhiro YOSHIURA, whose other short works with DIRECTIONS, Inc. include "Pale Cocoon" and "Aquatic Language" (Mizu no kotoba).

DIRECTIONS, Inc. has also produced works by Tayuta MIKAGE, whose short film "Beyond the Train Tracks" was selected for competition at the Annecy International Film Festival, the most prestigious event for art animation. His latest work "Breeding" (Hanshoku) has also been met with international acclaim. In addition, the wild anime trio AC-bu is at work with DIRECTIONS, Inc. on their new musical/rock animated series "Amazoness."

Guided by the keywords, "edutainment," "creative," and "subculture," DIRECTIONS, Inc. is also actively engaged in producing original content for television programs, DVDs, music videos, and mobile devices.

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Official Time of Eve (English edition) website:

Time of EVE: The Movie available for rental and download on the iTunes Store (in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia). With English subtitles.

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Official Time of Eve Scavenger Hunt Contest, exclusively on Crunchyroll!
Entry deadline August 15 2009
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