MBC America

The convergence of broadcasting and communications in the digital era has brought dramatic changes to the media environment, including acceleration of content globalization, wider choice for audiences and fierce competition between the old and new media. MBC, a multimedia broadcasting group, will lead such changes by standing at the forefront of the digital media age based on the accumulated high-tech broadcasting technologies such as DTV, DMB, and IPTV.

Korea's major public broadcaster MBC has always been rated number one in terms of credibility, popularity, audience ratings and influence. Moreover, MBC is the major player driving the 「Korean Wave」 in Asia and many other regions around the world with its quality contents. MBC will continue to work hard to provide better contents to viewers around the world.

Under the slogan 「Good Friend MBC,」 MBC has put in efforts to be a 「good friend」 who is trusted and loved by viewers. Going beyond Korea, MBC wants to become a 「friend」 of global audience by sharing qualified heart-warming programs.

In addition, MBC seeks co-development with overseas partners through diverse cooperation such as program co-production, program exchange and people-to-people exchange. Mutual prosperity and deeper understanding through cultural exchange, this is what MBC is and will always be striving to achieve.

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