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  • If you loved the game
    And you played the game before you knew there was a korean comic for it, you're going to love this. The game mirrored the comic so well, it's sort of amazing. You'll feel really connected to the story and universe of this series. The character development is really good and I appreciate that people in this series don't stay the same, they grow and learn and have aspirations and motivations.
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    Watched this when it originally came out!
    I was so excited when this anime came out. I always loved RO, and this was no exception. I didn't love everything about it, and some of the characters drove me up the wall... but Illuga, Takius and Jiltus are all hard contenders for me ! I definitely recommend for any RO fans, just keep in mind it is older!
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    slightly better than an egg
    so basically dis nerd wanna be stronk leik bear but cant because he a wee shrimp
    so "best girl" walks in like "AY B WHERE U STRUNK AT" and he gets all pissy and was like smh ima go git gud and he goes on a tantrum cause he didnt get to go see the marching band and suddenly becums stronk then oof the story is bad the characters are bad the show is bad the bad is bad and egg is slightly better tbh k
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  • 4 out of 5 people found this review helpful:
    It's generic anime with some slight gamer nostalgia
    Cookie cutter anime series with most of the typical tropes you'd imagine.

    Old work that doesn't age very well at all.

    Gamers will relate slightly this since it's based on the Ragnarok Online MMO from back in the '90s but beyond that, it's pretty bare-bones.

    The storyline and characters are rather bare-bones as well and most are annoying in their own right.

    In the end, it'll leave a bad ...
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