Restaurant to Another World

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  • Easily in My Top 5 Animes
    Okay, I like food, but fantasy?! Just after a few minutes, I was in love with this anime!! I love the character personalities, looks, really everything! I already finished it but I end up watching the episodes over and over and over, well you get it. And with that, I highly recommend this, so please, watch it if you didn't already!
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  • Dependent on your anime tastes, and that's alright
    One of my downright favorite anime to watch. Honestly, this anime is so great at world building and creating different areas and places of "Another World" just on each episode. You go from the forest to a castle to a tribe (not gonna spoil the specifics) and they fit so well together in this separate world. I'm not gonna exclaim that "THIS IS AN AWESOME ANIME THAT EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH!!!1!!" and ...
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  • Fantastic series - refreshing change from the usual fantasy anime
    What a truly lovely anime ! It's gentle and sweet but holds your interest throughout.
    You have death dragons eating curry alongside dwarves alongside elves alongside lizardmen alongside sirens. The restaurant is a place for all different races to come together in peace and just enjoy the food. Such a refreshing change from all the adventurer beat-em-ups out there. Loved every minute.
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  • This got me hungry :)
    Much like Shokugeki I loved the food in this show.

    The plot is simple with different foods being cooked for different fantasy characters on each day of the week, but with the plot's simple premise the characters and events more than make up for it

    The lighting in this show is masterfully done, which makes the viewing experience very enjoyable. (and made the food look better )

    Watch ...
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  • It's amazing, like holy cow
    It's the first anime i've finished and the first i want more of, if my eyes where taste buds this would be one of the best things I've ever tasted. The story line is great, the writing was great. It's just a really good anime. Like I could go on for hours about this one.
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    Feel-Good Do-Nothing Show
    This show was great to put on in between classes / during quick study breaks because each episode is split into two 12-minute sub-plots, and the plot is so mild that you don't really need to give your complete undivided attention to it. Very chill and sweet. I was more thoughtful than I was expecting at first, and leaves you feeling very subdued and happy. Would not call this a binge show.
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  • The name says it all, AND it is so much more
    IT's a food fantasy like no other. not the frenetic energy of shokugeki no soma, but instead the truth that even when we do not share a species, food still binds us together. We need another season or twelve, for as little time as you spend with each character they all have depth and the core cast at the restaurant themselves are just so frikin awesome
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  • Fantasy Cooking Anime That Makes Your Mouth Water
    The art and storyline was too good, it made me hungry watching each episode so I ended-up watching episodes along with lunch or dinner. I like the unique take on having fantasy characters coming to our world to eat modern foods; it was also funny to see each episode and how they ravenously tore through their meals asking for second and third servings. A really laid-back show with great style that ...
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  • Gimme some food, I'm hungry now
    Simple, but sweet.
    Kind of repetitive. A new character finds the door of the restaurant, enters, asks where he/she is, eats some food and finds it so fricking good he/she is sure it's the best dish in the entire menu, even if he/she didn't try anything else.
    Still, I like it very much and I'm hungry now !
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  • Makes me feel warm and fuzzy
    Tbh this probably won't be for everyone. I can admit that for some it might be kinda boring, or even pointless you could say? I don't know if that's the right way to put it. But that's kind of what I like about it. I just like looking at the food. Anime food always looks amazing, so I find this extremely satisfying to watch. There's not really any conflict or sadness which is what I've been in the ...
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