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Green City Kazamatsuri is a city built on the ideal of a harmonious relationship between civilization and environment. It's where Tennoji Kotaro lives a quiet life with Kanbe Kotori, Yoshino Haruhiko, and his other friends. However, the peaceful Kazamatsuri will soon be faced with its annual commotion, the Harvest Festa at the turn of the year.

It's an event that is much like a massive school festival, and Kotaro decides to head out to research topics for his articles. It's an easy decision for him, because the town is filled with rumors about unidentified creature sightings and various other occult occurrences. At the same time, strange things start happening to Kotaro himself. He goes to Senri Akane, the president of the school's Occult Research Club, and asks her for help. And then, he drags his friends into his mess and begins investigating all of these events.

To Kotaro, this is supposed to be just a little adventure of sorts. All he wants is to live his life having fun with his friends. But he is yet to realize that this will lead him on a quest to figure out the "truth" that nobody is aware of.
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