Anime vs. Real Life: Discovering an Asteroid in Love in Kawagoe [Part 2]

Check out even more real-world locations from Asteroid in Love

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Asteroid in Love continues to be the best of slice-of-life show this anime season, especially with the plot moving along so nicely in the past few episodes. While it’s a bit sad to see some of the senior members of the earth sciences club graduating for good, it’s at least somewhat of a consolation that Mira and Ao managed to find a viable solution for Ao to stay in town. And since I made a short trip to Japan last week, I thought it would be a waste to not pay the lovely town of Kawagoe another visit, and this time, check out some of the show’s locations off the beaten path. 

Kawagoe is located only half an hour north of Tokyo by train, so due to the close proximity to Tokyo and the extremely well-preserved historic city center, with many numerous traditional Edo-era buildings, the small town is a very popular destination for day-trippers. And as you can maybe see in the picture above, the Kanetsuki Street, with the famous clock tower, was brimming with people, even amongst the ongoing Coronavirus fear. By the way, on the right you can spot one of the most stylish Starbucks branches I’ve ever seen, but I was actually looking for a different shop.  

Located a bit outside of the historic city center is a small pastry shop called Chouette. And while the storefront only somewhat resembles the one from the anime,...

...the inside of the cozy pastry shop is a perfect match! In the fifth episode, Mira and Mikage enjoy some cake here after the mineral show in Ikebukuro. 

Speaking of cake, the shop in fact also does sell the same cake as shown in the anime, however, they only had the little chocolate cakes with the small macaron on top when I was there. The small piece cost around 280 Yen, which is almost $2.80 USD, but it was definitely worth the price.

I asked the cashier whether or not they had seen an influx of anime fans recently, and she told me while there were some, it’s not been anything substantial. However, I was the first foreign anime visitor to her knowledge. 

Hoshizaki Station is Kawagoe Station in real life. Should you ever want to visit Kawagoe, I usually like to take the Tobu Tojo Line from Ikebukuro to Kawagoe Station, but the Seibu-Shinjuku Line to Hon-Kawagoe Station is also a good option. 

In the eighth episode, Ao does some shopping at studio Clip (or studio Clap in the anime), which is a home decor slash clothing shop inside the Hon-Kawagoe Station building. 

This storefront is just outside of Hon-Kawagoe Station. 

For the mineral show, Mira and Mikage meet up in front of the Sunshine City department complex entrance. As you might’ve noticed by now, the show likes to switch up official brand names just so slightly, so Sunshine City gets turned into Daylight City, and Starbucks gets turned into a Street Coffee in the anime. 

And finally, I also paid the Kasumigaseki East Green Space along the Iruma River a visit, which is where the club held their riverside barbecue, and collected some rocks in the second episode. Unfortunately, only parts—like the bridge in the background, the stairs, and trees—matched up with the anime here, but maybe it was just the wrong time to visit.

And while I did try, I didn’t end up finding any unusual rocks like Mira did. 

And there you have it! Should you ever have a day to spare in Tokyo, you won’t regret making the trip out to Kawagoe for a little Asteroid in Love pilgrimage! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out Part 1 with even more locations. 

How have you been liking the show so far? And does Kawagoe seem like a place you’d like to visit? Sound off in the comments below!

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