FEATURE: The VCRX Events That Black Clover Fans Need To Look Out For

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Okay, full disclosure: I'm still a little bit sad about not having a new Black Clover episode each Tuesday. Hanging out with the Black Bulls and watching Asta push past his limits, again and again, was just such a comfy routine and I miss it. That said, this year's Virtual Crunchyroll Expo has a few events lined up for me and every other Black Clover fan, so pull out those Google Calendars or whatever you use to ensure that your schedule doesn't collapse into chaos and take note. All of these times are PST, by the way, so adjust for that, everybody that lives in Minnesota. 


First off, on Thursday, August 5th, on the Sudachi Stage from 1 PM to 4:45 PM, we have the BEST ANIME OF 2020 MARATHON. Alongside heavy hitters like Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! and JUJUTSU KAISEN, we have two installments of Black Clover: Episodes 117 and 120. Episode 117 is full of big reveals as the tremendous threat of the devil increases, and Episode 120 is the conclusion to a long-running storyline that is equal parts poignant and hopeful. In short, they're both sure to remind you of how special Black Clover could feel to its fans.


Black Clover


Next up, on Friday, August 6th, on the Sudachi Stage from 10 AM to 2:15 PM, we have SHONEN SPECIAL MARATHON. Alongside the all-star line-up of JUJUTSU KAISEN, Attack on Titan, Dr. STONE: Stone Wars, and Naruto Shippuden, we get yet another Black Clover double feature, this time with Episodes 49 and 80. Neither of these episodes skimp out on the action. 49 features the conclusion of the wonderful Black Bulls vs Vetto confrontation, one that lasted nearly the entirety of their adventure in the undersea temple. If you're someone that likes their attacks combo'd, this is the episode for you. And Episode 80 deals with the emotional duel between Finral and his brother Langris, with their tumultuous history charging every move.


Finally, on Saturday, August 7th, on the Crunchyroll Stage from 11:45 AM to 1 PM, we have BLACK CLOVER: A LOOK BACK AT ASTA'S JOURNEY. But this isn't just a simple retrospective. No, helping us to look at Black Clover's impact and wonderful moments are Gakuto Kajiwara, Asta's voice actor...



...and Ayataka Tanemura, who served as Black Clover's head director during the amazing Spade Kingdom arc that capped off the Black Clover anime.



Tanemura also served as director for Episode 80, an episode that definitely showed off his chops with balancing deep-rooted emotion with hard-hitting action. I can't wait to hear their thoughts on what the series meant to them and any insights they can give on its creation. 


Basically, even though Black Clover is no longer a part of our Tuesdays, VCRX and Crunchyroll are dedicated to giving you a few events that display some of the best stuff that the series had to offer. So take a trip down memory lane and join in these festivities along with the many, many others that VCRX has to offer.


Also, here's a rad Black Clover OP. You've earned it. 



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