QUEST: Celebrate One Piece Episode 1,000 By Becoming The Pirate King

Test Your One Piece Knowledge in the Ultimate Pirate Quiz Series!



To celebrate the momentous event that is Episode 1,000 of the One Piece anime, Crunchyroll is sending you on a quest to see if you have what it takes to become the Pirate King. Call upon all of your knowledge of One Piece and the adventures of the Straw Hat Crew and see if you can answer questions based around eight different subjects relating to the anime’s universe (Geography, History, Science, Culture, Combat, Family, Government, and Anatomy.)


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Once you take all of these, you’ll receive a final code to enter and win your ultimate prize: the Straw Hats’ jolly roger and the title of Pirate King. So let’s set sail again as we test your One Piece memory in order to find your destiny!


One Piece Geography Quiz


The world of One Piece is vast, and contains a number of islands that have provided the setting for copious Straw Hat Crew adventures. Along the way, they’ve seen everything from the snowy landscape of Drum Island, to the deserts of Alabasta, to the rainforest atop a giant elephant called Zou, to the candy-coated Whole Cake Island. And now, it’s time to test your knowledge of them. Take this quiz below to see just how well you remember all the ins and outs of the world of One Piece!




One Piece History Quiz


Whether we’re dealing with flashbacks, explanations or simple references, it’s clear that the backstory of One Piece is anything but simple. And rather than distract from what’s going on, these tales of the past always manage to strengthen the current narrative, from the execution of Gol D. Roger to the childhood lives of beloved characters like Nami, Robin and Sanji. Now, it’s time to test your knowledge of it all. Take the quiz to see just how much you’ve paid attention to history lesson that is One Piece!




One Piece Science Quiz


The fascinating things found in the One Piece world go further than just Devil Fruits. There are inventions of all kinds, some created for good and others concocted for nefarious reasons that can be just as fascinating. Ranging from Nami’s Clima-Tact to Chopper’s Rumble Balls, the way they’re wielded are always entertaining. And now, it’s time to test your knowledge of them! Take the quiz below to see if you remember the various science experiments of One Piece?




One Piece Culture Quiz


Just like in the real world, the world of One Piece is full of culture - beliefs, entertainment, societal aspects that, when combined, give us a deeper look into what it’s like to live in the world of One Piece. Without these details, places like Dressrosa, Sabaody, and Skypiea just wouldn’t be as interesting. And now, it’s time to test your knowledge of these cool additions! Take the quiz below to test your memory of the rich culture found in Eiichiro Oda’s wonderful story.




One Piece Family Quiz


Whether you're dealing with found families or the bonds of blood, One Piece has a lot to say about the relationships we make and how important some connections can be. Every member of the Straw Hat Crew is defined by their experiences regarding this, experiences that set them up for the lives they want to live and the goals they want to pursue. Now it's time to test your knowledge regarding them! Take this quiz to see how much you remember about One Piece's special approach to family and friends!




One Piece Anatomy Quiz


From the very first episode of One Piece, we've been astounded by the use of Devil Fruits. Ever since it was revealed that Luffy was just as much rubber as he was man, the series has taken the powers granted by these mysterious things and gone in amazing, interesting and sometimes hilarious places with them. Sand, fire, ice, poison, name it, there's likely a Devil Fruit that delivers it. And now it's time to test your memory about the ins and outs of them. Take this quiz to see how much you remember about them and their many users!




One Piece Combat Quiz


One Piece features some of the most fun and thrilling scenes of combat around, taking people with amazing skills, awe-inspiring strength and impenetrable will and pitting them against one another in clashes around the Grand Line. You know when Luffy's fists start flying, it's about to get good. And now, it's time to test your knowledge about those many battles. Take this quiz to see how much you remember about One Piece's fantastic fight scenes!




One Piece Government Quiz


The world of One Piece is full of kingdoms, nations and organizations, all of which form an interconnected system that dictates power around the Grand Line. Of course, with so many dreams and strong individuals, there's always a chance for those systems to be overthrown and for chaos to emerge. And now, it's time to test your memory of how the government of this interesting world runs. Take this quiz to see what you've taken from the people and groups that run the sea. 







And make sure to check out One Piece Episode 1,000 this Saturday on Crunchyroll!




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