"The World God Only Knows" Gets 3rd Season and New OVA

Second OVA finishes later this month.

Pictures from early sales copies of the next issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday have revealed that the next of the eight anime adaptations to be announced will be the third season of The World God Only Knows (Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai). Additionally, a third OVA, a spin-off featuring the idol Kanon will also be produced.



The second season of The World God Only Knows aired in the Spring of 2011 and the second OVA, the Tenri arc, is being released with volume 19 and 20 of the manga, with volume 20 coming out later this month.


Image ©若木民喜/小学館・落とし神駆け魂隊・テレビ東京

Source: @manganewsjapon via Yaraon!

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