PS3 Headsets Incompatible with PS4 at Launch

Sony plans future patch so you don't have to buy another $100 pair of gaming headphones

Even with some great personal experiences, I've never been much of a "headphones" person when it comes to gaming. If I need to talk, I have an earpiece with an attached mic, and I tend to stay off the horn unless it's necessary--"There's a sniper in the tower" is a little more important than whatever your mom was up to last night.


For online PS3 fans who have put in the investment for an excellent pair of gaming headphones, there's a bit of bad news for you: the PlayStation 4 won't be supporting full functionality for current headsets at launch. While you can use a digital optical audio connection for your headphones, chat won't be available until a to-be-determined date.


So don't worry, that kickass Turtle Beach headset won't go to waste between generations! Also, for the rest of us, the PlayStation 4 comes packed with a corded mono headset. While I use this, which has lasted several Xbox 360s and cost like six dollars at CVS, what kind of headset are you using for your online gaming needs? Will this incompatibility be a problem for you with those shiny new copies of Killzone: Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4?

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