Rooster Teeth Puts "RWBY's" Yang Figure Up for Order

Yang completes Team RWBY

Team RWBY is complete: Rooster Teeth and McFarlane Toys have finished series one with the completion of their scaled Yang Figure. Like the rest of the team, Yang costs a mere $34.95. She does have a bit of a derp face (let's face it: McFarlane Toys can't keep up with the artistry coming out of the figure scene in Japan) but she's okay. Have a look:


RWBY Rooster teeth Yang


Rooster Teeth RWBY


Meanwhile, Blake remains the best figure. 


Rooster Teeth RWBY Blake


Now that series one is done they can make a Nora, right? Right?


You can order all four girls in the Rooster Teeth store

rooster teeth, rwby
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