Premium Bandai Unleashes a Quartet of "Ultraman" Monsters

HG Series vinyl figure set includes Littre, Pressure, Unitang, and Mushra


Premium Bandai is releasing a set of 4 Ultraman monsters for the HG series of vinyl figures. The figures are pictured below on the left with the original suit designs on the right for comparison. The set includes:



Unitang from Ultraman Ace



Pressure from Ultraman Leo.



Mushra from Ultraman Taro. (This one is my favorite. I love mushroom monsters.)



And Littre from Ultraman Leo.


The figures range in size from 82 millimeters (3.22 inches) to 90 millimeters (3.54 inches) tall. All 4 figures are sold together in a set for 8800 yen ($71.05 US) including tax. Pre-orders are available now from the Premium Bandai online store, with the final product shipping in November of 2015.




Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast and GME! Anime Fun Time.

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