VIDEO: "Comet Lucifer" Latest CM Featuring OP Song by fhána

8-Bit's first original TV anime will premiere on October 4

Bandai Visual has posted a 15-second CM for the upcoming new TV anime Comet Lucifer featuring its OP song "Comet Luficer ~The Seed and the Sower~" performed by fhána. They are well-known for their theme song works for Uchoten Kazoku, Gingitsune, Celestial Method, and the most recent Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!. The song will be released as the four-member group's 7th single on October 28. 


The boy meets girl-themed fantasy adventure Comet Lucifer is the first original TV anime series produced by 8-Bit (IS-Infinite Stratos, Encouragement of Climb). 51-year-old Yasuhito Kikuchi, best known for his directorial works for El-Hazard, Macross Frontier and IS-Infinite Stratos, is attached to direct, alongside character designer/chief animation director Yuichi Takahashi (Macross Frontier, Gatchaman Crowds). It is scheduled to premiere on Tokyo MX and KBS Kyoto on October 4.








Main visual



via: "Comet Lucifer" official Twitter


© Project Felia/"Comet Lucifer" Production Committee


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