VIDEO: Previews for "Love Live! The School Idol Movie" Blu-ray and Bonus Song

The film has attracted 2 million audience in 150 days

Lantis has posted a three-minute preview for the upcoming release of the Blu-ray of Love Live! The School Idol Movie in Japan on December 15, and a sound-only preview for its voice actress unit μ's' new song "Korekara" (From Now) which will be included in the 9,800 yen special edition of the disc.


The special edition set also contains a newly-written novel by the original story creator Sakurako Kimino, a 28-page booklet, a special card "Loveca+" featuring the jacket illustration, limited serial codes for social game Love Live! School Idol Festival and Bandai Visual Plus, and an advance entry coupon for the "μ's Next Live" concert. 


It is confirmed that the film has attracted 2 million audience in Japan by November 14, in 150 days since its release on June 13. It has earned 2.8 billion yen (about 22.7 million US dollars) from its total domestic run.



Preview for Blu-ray



Bonus song "Korekara" preview



Blu-ray jacket



Source: "Love Live!" anime official website


© 2013 Project Love Live!


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